What are the common challenges faced by an industry without an ERP?

Business usually face the following challenges without an ERP software: - Lack of informed, timely decision making - High dependency on individuals - Improper data validation, duplication due to manual work - Less / No data security - Challenges in ensuring timely compliance to statutory needs


How many clients and successful ERP installations you have done?

We have around 500+ happy customers so far across 14 industries with a CSI (customer satisfaction index) of 93.4%. Please read our customer reviews to get more understanding w.r.t the support that will be offered to every TCS iON customer.


Who is your ideal customer?

We have experience working with small, medium and large business that belong to following industries: Auto Dealers, Chemical, FMCG, Oil Extraction, Plastic Molding, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Casting, Forging, Compliance. We have offered customized solutions as per customer's industry, company size and many other important parameters.


How do I purchase TCS iON ERP software?

Click here and share your contact details with us. Rest we will take care.


Are there any prerequisites or infrastructure dependencies for the ERP software to work?

Absolutely No! Our cloud based ERP suites make it accessible over browser anytime and anywhere with Zero infrastructure cost. All you need is a device( Laptop/desktop/mobile) to access the website.


I already have an existing ERP software. How seamless is the integration process from another software to TCS iON ERP software?

Our software can be easily integrated with most of the third party softwares using the ecosystem of APIs made available to customers. We support integration with major banks, Weighbridge, e-commerce portals, logistics portals, and many others. We offer dedicated support to enable seamless integration with the above mentioned portals.


What kind of training and support will be offered to users?

Customer support is of utmost importance to us. We offer complete support right from initiation till implementation and beyond. We utilize multiple online and offline tools to provide this support and it covers training, user handholding and day to day operational support in case any issues /problems are faced in the system.


Do we need to manually upgrade the software?

As our software is cloud-hosted, there's no need for manual upgrades. Updates are automatically rolled out, ensuring you always have the latest features to address evolving technology, business, and market needs.


How do you handle Business Continuity and Data Privacy?

We at TCS place a strong emphasis on business continuity and take comprehensive measures to safeguard customer data. Our software is designed with convergent security model to ensure: - Protection of information and assets against unauthorized access. - Compliance to legal and statutory/regulatory requirements. - Continuity of operations in line with business requirements and obligations. - Adequate security awareness and competence among associates at all levels. - Governance of security performance against appropriate targets and objectives, enabling continuous improvements.


Is customer required to backup data?

No. Backups are taken every day and retained for varying periods of time (daily, weekly and yearly). Backed-up data is available off-site. The same data is available on multiple servers. In the event of data issues, data can be recreated with no data loss from the other servers.


Do I need to hire any third party partner to complete with ERP implementation?

No. We are unique in offering end-to-end implementation and software provision without any third party involvement. We understand and value how businesses allocate their funds, hence providing implementation support alongside software, allowing us to offer the best, affordable pricing for businesses of all sizes.

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