Simple to use

• Automate E-Way Bill generation effortlessly with E-Invoicing or schedule it as needed.
• Auto-calculate distances in E-Way Bills for accurate information.
• Generate E-Way Bills seamlessly after cancellation without the need to re-upload files.

Bulk processing capability

• Upload bulk files either in Excel, CSV, or JSON in the system to generate E-Way Bill.
• Download multiple bills' PDFs with just one click.

Easy to view data

• Utilize the variety of filters to view and filter data for different functionalities.
• Sort and view data based on specific business branches and verticals to meet your unique needs.

Auto-calculation of distance

• Ensure E-Way Bill validity with automated distance calculation.
• Simply input the PIN numbers for the source and destination to streamline the process.

Integrate your existing E-Way Bill data seamlessly

Exchange data in any of the following three ways from your billing system or ERP to our E-Way Bill software.
• Manual upload.
• SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) based data exchange.
• API-based data exchange.

Single login for Multiple GSTINs

Manage multiple reporting entities with just one login, allowing you to seamlessly work with different GSTINs.

Dashboards & Reports

Evaluate the organization’s performance and enhance the decision-making process with multiple analytical dashboards, business intelligence and reports generated by the solution.

Automated E-WayBill messages

Send E-Way Bill PDFs automatically to goods recipients and transporters via email for seamless collaboration.

Integrate your existing E-Invoice data seamlessly

Exchange data by any of the following 3 ways from your billing system or ERP to our E-Invoice generation tool to generate or Cancel IRN.
• Manual upload.
• SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) based data exchange.
• API-based data exchange.

Data validation

Receive data exceptions from IRP and E-Invoicing software after passing the complete E-Invoice raw data through data validation checks under exhaustive validation coverage of our software.

Multiple IRP

Ensure uninterrupted E-Invoicing operations by eliminating reliance on a single IRP. Our integration with multiple IRPs guarantees zero disruption, seamlessly switching to a secondary IRP in case of downtime, ensuring a continuous and unaffected user experience.

Automated GSTR-1 and E-Way Bill generation

Generate E-Way Bill along with E-Invoicing with 100% accuracy and automatically prepare GSTR-1 based on the E-Invoice data. Eliminate the need of multiple uploads with the integrated template for E-Invoicing, GSTR-1 and E-Way Bills.

One click IRN generation

Authenticate B2B/B2G/EXPORT E-Invoices through our software and get one unique identification number IRN (Invoice reference number) for each invoice managed by the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) of GSTN/NIC in one click.

Single login for Multiple GSTIN

Manage multiple reporting entities with just one login, allowing you to seamlessly work with different GSTINs.

Simplified file upload

Upload files in either Excel or CSV format, with our software seamlessly converting them to JSON for data exchange with the Government Portal. Enjoy flexibility in data exchange, supporting CSV, XML, JSON, and IDOC formats.

IRN cancellation and update capabilities

Gain visibility into cancellation reasons stored in IRP, as our system maps reason codes between vendors and IRP to accommodate different codes maintained by the vendor.

Distinct attributes of E-Invoice:

• Digitally signed E-Invoices are digitally signed by IRP with a private key eliminating the need for another signature from vendor. Note: Only signed E-Invoice are considered as a valid invoice and used by GST/ E-Way Bill system.
• Standardization – Use a standardized E-Invoice format authorized by a technical group of GST council.
• Modes to generate invoices – Generate invoices through multiple modes of IRP like web / API/SFTP.
• Extended viewing window - IRP Portal shows E-Invoice data only up to 24 hours from date and time of generation of IRN, but our software shows E-Invoice details even after 24hours of IRN generation.

Dashboards & reports

Evaluate the organization's performance and accelerate your decision-making process with analytical dashboards and following reports generated by our software.
• E-Invoice generation report (from date to date wise, document wise acknowledgement wise, consignee GSTIN wise).
• E-Invoice status report.
• Cancelled E-Invoices report (from date to date wise).
• GSTR-1 v/s E-Invoice and EWB v/s E-Invoice comparison report.
• Top 5 HSN/SACs transacted into.
• Top 5 of state of supply transacted into and consignee transacted with.
• State wise and GSTIN wise E-Invoice generated report.
• E-Invoice v/s EWB v/s GSTR-1 comparison report.

Automated E-Invoicing messages

Automate Email communication with E-Invoice pdfs to internal user and customers.

Reconciliation methods

• Access monthly and yearly reconciliations of purchases, along with suggestive matching and tolerance features.
• Get reconciliation support for GSTR6A along with the purchase register.

Multiple data upload formats

Exchange transaction data effortlessly in diverse formats/templates, including tax rate level data, line-item level transactional data, or through GSTN Utility format.

Auto generation of GSTR-3B

Generate GSTR-3B with complete automation, utilizing filed GSTR-1 data and reconciled GSTR-2B data for the respective months.

Multiple data import choices

Exchange transaction data through various methods, including manual portal-based upload, SFTP-based upload, or API-based integration.

Automated Email communication alerts

Share reconciliation mismatch reports with respective vendors via email for seamless communication and resolution.

Single user, multiple GSTIN support

Unlike GSTN Portal, no need to maintain GSTIN wise logins on our portal. Using single login ID, you can manage compliance related activities of all associated GSTINs.

Best-in-class support

Get exceptional assistance from our on-site and centralized support team from activation, to training and beyond.

Support for major GSTR forms

Simply your GST compliance journey with reliable and robust support for GSTR 1,2A Reconciliation, 2B, 2X, 3B, 6, 7, 8 & 9, 9C, ITC-04.

Data exchange options

Exchange transaction data in your preferred format - choose from CSV, Excel, or JSON, based on your convenience.

Flexible Reconciliation

Upload transaction data based on following levels and experience flexibility to run reconciliation with ease.
• source system level.
• branch level.
• vertical level.

Facility to upload corrected data

Refine your transaction data by filtering out erroneous records and uploading corrected data.

Personalized template upload capability

Import data using your preferred custom excel templates and save them conveniently for future reuse.

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